Only 13,000 of the people diagnosed with cancer each year in Tanzania report to hospital for treatement. This, according to the Health, Community Developement, Gender, Elderly and Children Minister Ummy Mwalimu is about 26% of all the annual cancer cases estimated to be diagnosed in the country. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 50,000 cancer cases in Tanzania each year. About 70% of those patients arrive at stages 3 or 4 when the cancer is too difficult to treat. Data from the Ocean Road Cancer Intsitute show that cervical cancer leads among all the cancer cases, with 32.8%, followed by breast cancer which takes 12.9%. Kaposis Sarcoma causes 11.7% of the cancer cases in the country, followed by head and neck cancers that carry 7.6%. Lymphoma is estimated to cause 5.5%, followed by blood cancers that take 4.3%. The rest, such as bladder cancer (33.2%), skin cancer (2.8%), cancers of the eyes (2.4%) and prostate cacner which causes 2.3% of the cases.