Community: We focus on local communities, because they don’t have access to sufficient and quality Information on their health, environment and otherwise. We act in local communities, but, we think global; thereby actively helping people in local communities with global best practices.

Action- Based: We go beyond awareness and sensitization, we believe that the greatest commitment is enshrined in activities, hence, we have been providing screening services, training of trainers, treatments, and active support services.

Partnership & Networking: We happy to assert that we have been working Directly with the community chiefs, women leaders, youth leaders, volunteers, international organizations of repute, and companies who utilize our initiative for their corporate social responsibilities. We know and strongly believe that partnering and networking with organizations and companies will always help us make greater impacts.

Excellence & Quality: We are concerned about quality service delivery, hence, we partner with credible organizations to provide services based on standard , validity and reliability considering that our work is based on impacting lives. Innovation & Ingenuity: As a youth-led initiative, we are enshrined in exploring innovative and ingenious ways to problem solving in Africa that will be best understood by Africans.

Responsibility & Strategic: We posed to be held responsible for our actions hence, we act strategically to achieve success and report results. Inputs counts for us, every output impactful.