Welcome (back) to The GO Map!


In this post we offer an introduction on how to navigate this new and expanded version of our online global cancer map and information.


First note that the website can be viewed in a variety of languages. The default is English, but other languages can be chosen from the Select Language menu in the website footer.


Most visitors will begin exploring at the homepage. As you scroll through, you will see highlights of the information available on the website. This includes a link to the searchable world map, some recently-added projects and events, the newest members to sign up on The GO Map, featured organizations, global statistical highlights, and more. To return to the homepage from anywhere on website, click the "GlobalOncologyMap logo on the upper left corner.


The centerpiece of the website is the searchable world map, which can be reached from anywhere on the website using the Map button at the top of the screen. Once there, notice the Map has tabs in the lower left corner labeled Projects, People, and Events. Click each tab to see the current global distribution of each category of information on The GO Map. To explore each tab further:


  • Click on the numbered circles to zoom into that geographic area

  • Use the Filter tool to make custom selections based on criteria you define

  • Scroll down to see the individual items selected by the current Filter terms

  • Sort a selection using the Sort By tool

  • Click on individual projects, investigators, or events to learn more


Many people who visit The GO Map want to know what work is being done in a particular country or on a particular type of cancer. Access this information directly by making selections from the Countries and Cancer Type drop-down menus. Once on a country page or cancer type page, click through all of the tabs and scroll down to see all of the available information.


Tip – Whenever you see an item of interest on The GO Map and want to know more – e.g. an upcoming event, a potential collaborator, or a research organization – click on it to see what additional details are available. For example, if you want to know more about an event, click on it to find out when and where it will be. If you want to know what other projects an investigator has worked on, click on the person’s name to learn more about their work.


Throughout the website there are features that allow registered site users to interact with each other and the contribute to the site. For example users can follow projects for updates, submit events or projects to be displayed on The GO Map, write comments, etc. To begin using these interactive  features, click on the Login button on the upper right of the website and create an account. Once logged in, you can access the built-in features.


The GO Map team will continue to share tips and ideas for using the website on this blog, and more information is available on our FAQ page and in The GO Map User Manual. If you have additional questions, please use the Contact link at the bottom of the website to reach us.