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Compound Screening for the Identification of LMTK3 Kinase-Inhibitors

Georgios Giamas

1 Collaborator(s)

Funding source

Union for International Cancer Control
One of the most important pathways in breast cancer involves estrogen. Estrogen binds to Estrogen Receptor alpha (ERa) and stimulates cells to turnover more rapidly - this is the major pathway in breast cancer but one we do not know how to fully control, especially when it becomes resistant or unresponsive to regular treatments like tamoxifen. However, ERa may also be controlled by other proteins, called kinases, and because both ERa and kinases are so important, we want to study the type of transcriptional control that kinases cause. We have recently identified a novel kinase (LMTK3) that regulated ERa activity and its functions. In addition we discovered that LMTK3 is also implicated in metastasis in breast cancer. Further studies of LMTK3 will enable the development of new therapies against breast cancer. The work described will help us identify (and further optimise) inhibitors/drugs against LMTK3 that can be used for in vitro, in vivo and hopefully clinical applications.

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